Cathy Parks: Realtor®

Cheryl Davis: Owner

With more than 25 years residency and nearly two decades as a licensed agent, Cathy
Parks has earned the title of Las Vegas real estate expert.
Originally from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, she initially moved to Southern
California before settling in Las Vegas in the early 1990s. She has seen and lived the
dramatic growth and evolution that has turned a perceived entertainment venue into a
vibrant, world class city that has become a wonderful place to live.
Starting with solid Midwestern values, and gaining an understanding of luxury lifestyles
along the way, Cathy began a career of researching, analyzing and understanding the
exciting and rapidly changing Las Vegas Market. Working with developers, she tracked
new communities as they emerged, while also keeping watch on existing established
neighborhoods as they matured – all to have and provide the most up to date
information and recommendations for her clients.
Whether one is looking for a modest family residence or a lavish multi-million-dollar
estate, Cathy starts by listening and delivers by finding just the right answer. Not a
house… but the “home” that meets, and often exceeds, her client’s expectations.
Cathy Parks knows Las Vegas… and knows how to put that knowledge to work for you. You can contact Cathy at 702-275-9388