Sheva Branch: Realtor® SFR, YPN, BS

Accomplished football player and graduate of San Jose State University, Shéva, uses his professional athletic experience in the progressive development of personal and business relationships while serving each client’s particular needs. On a consistent quest to strengthen his knowledge within the evolving real estate and financial markets, Shéva remains in the forefront of education and does intense networking within his vast consortium of affluent national and international colleagues, former teammates and friends.

Receiving recognition from his peers working with a varied clientele, he draws from his own personal and professional relocation experience, before, during, and after his athletic career which provides him the skillset to truly understand the specifications of his clients’ whose focus is based on privacy, sociological, and economic factors. As a proven asset evidenced by his high retention and referral rate, Shéva’s business acumen is validated to the highest degree.

From athlete to businessman, employee to employer and over 20 years of experience, Shéva boasts an accomplished resume. As a decorated Nevada Realtor receiving awards for his work with many organizations committed to stabilizing communities while assisting buyers in both obtaining and maintaining ownership. Shéva is recognized as a preferred Realtor with the Neighbor Assistance Corporation of America (NACA), and holds a distinct recognition by the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB), as one of its top 15 African American Real Estate Professionals of the Nevada chapter.

Who better to service your needs than someone who has personally been where you are going. You can contact Sheva at 702-759-2176