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Suzy Tuano: CIPS | Realtor®

Longtime Las Vegas resident and real estate professional, Suzy Tuaño, brings her determined, yet engaging personality to Paragon Premier Properties. Suzy’s vast experience working in the field of law is quite an asset as she has seamlessly incorporated this knowledge into negotiating and closing real estate deals, giving her a slight edge above the competition. Having specialized in the areas of tort cases, family law and immigration law, Suzy has a unique advantage in understanding and interpreting the needs of our newest residents and/or foreign investors in this ever-changing real estate market.

As a graduate of the University of the Philippines, obtaining a BS degree with a Foreign Service designation, Suzy is instrumental as an excellent communicator speaking fluent English, Tagalog and Spanish. This makes her quite an asset in Nevada’s growing international real estate market. Suzy loves working with people and finds fulfillment in treating every transaction with its own unique challenges and victories as an opportunity to hone her skills. As a dog lover, Suzy regularly support causes that encourage humane treatment of all animals. You can contact Suzy at 702-334-8834